Get your Quirky on and Customise!

When I first started teaching terrarium workshops, I assumed that most of the participants were there to make a classic forest or coastal style fishbowl terrarium – a simple and stylish piece of interior décor.

Classic Coast (XL) - pure decor

Classic Coast (XL) – pure decor

Just for fun, I started to bring some figurines along to the workshop – dinosaurs, stormtroopers, toadstools, that sort of thing. I didn’t think there would be many takers, but I wanted to give people the option of adding a little whimsy to their bowl. Do you know what happened? Almost everyone added figurines to their creation! Bankers, doctors, teachers, designers – you name it, they couldn’t resist turning their terrarium from pure décor into little landscape. My conclusion is that there’s a bit of quirkiness and a memory of our child-creativity inside most of us.

I’ve taken this experience and used it to create a new range of customisable, fishbowl terrariums. They come in four planting styles – Forest, Jungle, Coast and Desert. They look lovely ‘au naturel’, but I’ve now added optional extras to each style so that you can create your own little world. For example, need a bit of zen? Why not add a Meditating Buddha, sparkling stream and chunk of Amethyst to your Classic Jungle terrarium. After some fabulousness? Add two hot pink flamingos, a turquoise beach and patterned shell to your Classic Coast. Get your quirky on and customise!!

Classic Coast XL with added options of Flamingo Fabulous, Life's a Beach and Turquoise Dreaming

Classic Coast (XL) with added options of Flamingo Fabulous, Life’s a Beach and Turquoise Dreaming

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