Happy Place Terrariums – the Highlights

  • Happy Place Terrariums is a Sydney-based, online business.
  • Terrariums are pretty easy to care for, even for a brown thumb! Every Happy Place Terrarium comes with a care kit. The key is not to over-water.
  • Unlike cut flowers, terrariums can look great for months, even years.
  • Happy Place Terrariums are born healthy – great soil conditions are created with layering, drainage, correct pH, and activated charcoal to absorb bacteria and keep your terrarium fresh.
  • You can pop the lid on a closed terrarium and it will water itself while you’re on holidays (well, for a fortnight at least). Dry, open terrariums only need water every fortnight or so.
  • Some very lovely plantlife is sourced by Happy Place Terrariums from specialist nurseries around the country.
  • All corals and shells are sustainably harvested.


Terrariums – a Short History

A terrarium is essentially a garden under glass. The art of the terrarium began in the early 1800’s, when Dr Nathaniel Ward realised he could successfully grow exotic plants in chilly, polluted London, within miniature greenhouses. These first terrariums were called Wardian Cases and soon became a ‘must have’ decor item in Victorian homes.


70s-terrarium-for-about-pageTerrariums made a big comeback in the 1970’s, a time when Greenpeace was founded and environmental issues became a hot topic. These little indoor ecosystems were educational and groovy! 

And now we are starting to spot terrariums in cafes, homes and offices once again. Why? Maybe we are looking for ways to reconnect with nature as we’re overwhelmed with technology and city-life. Maybe because they’re easy to look after and we are time poor. Maybe because creativity, craft and an appreciation of natural beauty are having a resurgence. Most likely a combination of all of those things, but at the end of the day, terrariums are in vogue because plants make people happy!