Destinations kits

Gaze at these beautiful terrariums and imagine yourself in one of the world’s most stunning holiday destinations. Available in NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD & SA*, these terrariums are hand delivered as a very easy to assemble kit.

Each design is inspired by a place renowned for its aesthetic appeal (natural or mandmade), and contains a selection of Tillandsia (these amazing airplants don’t have roots and sit above the soil!), and very special natural elements, such as crystals, petrified wood, sculptural stone, shells and coral.

To quote a customer who purchased one of these, then on receiving it bought two more (!): “They would make fabulous gifts, unless you are like me and love them too much to give away ;)”

*Due to quarantine regulations, I can’t deliver to WA, NT or Tassie, so sorry guys!

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